Morrisons Lodge



8500 Galice Road
Merlin, OR 97532


morrisons lodge


The first time Lloyd Morrison saw the land upon which he would eventually build Morrisons Lodge he knew it was special. Uniquely situated on a peaceful bend of the famous Rogue River, Morrisons has been hosting anglers, couples, families, and other adventure seekers for more than 70 years. The secluded property feels miles from everywhere but is truly only a 20-minute drive from civilization.

Enjoy the comforts of home in your lodge room, cabin, or private “tuck-away” accommodations. Kitchenettes and full kitchens are available. Or, indulge in the 4-course dinner Morrisons is known for. Then go for a stroll along 5-acres of riverfront lawn, kick back by the fireplace in the great rooms, or make friends in the bar.

All ages will enjoy a multitude of activities on the Morrisons grounds. Indulge your athletic side in the outdoor pool, or on the tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. Maybe, try your luck at Frisbee golf or horseshoes. Bicycles are also available. With so many options Morrisons is an ideal spot for family reunions, conferences, and other events. Ask us about our special packages.


The lodge was built in 1945 by river guide and lumber mill worker Lloyd Morrison. He had several fishing clients that would drive out from Grants Pass to this area to fish, and at that time the road to Grants Pass was simply awful. Because of World War II, building a lodge wasn’t going to be easy. Building supplies such as nails were hard to come by. With the help of a few San Francisco clients he was able to secure the essentials. He handpicked his lumber, and the choice bird’s-eye pine he used throughout the lodge has become even more lustrous and beautiful with the patinas of time. Mr. Morrison then gradually added one cottage and moved two little houses onto the property to accommodate his fisherman clientele. After he sold the lodge the buildings grew somewhat neglected for a time under other ownership.

In June of 1964, B.A. and Elaine Hanten bought the lodge and moved in with their 3 small children; Mike (5), Michelle (4) and Mark (2). Originally from South Dakota, B.A. & Elaine had happy memories of working at Yellowstone Park and were looking for a similar resort type atmosphere. Elaine did all the cooking, she was a home economics major in college and had always loved to cook and B.A. took to guiding. The first season in a new lifestyle proved to be hard work, but well worth it.

In December of 1964, the rampaging Rogue flooded and wiped out all the cottages, which the Hanten’s had just begun to renovate. The water rose in the main lodge to above the mantel on the fireplace. The main building survived but the cottages were nothing but a pile of bricks. With the help of a disaster loan, they cleaned up and repaired the main lodge with a few little additions and built 3 new cottages, up on stilts this time.

In 2005 Michelle along with Johnnie and Linda Crean bought the business from B.A. While continuing the traditions of Morrison’s, Michelle added her personal touches to upgrade and expand the facility. Unable to fully realize her dreams she passed away in the spring of 2007 after a hard fought battle with cancer.

The lodge has grown from the old days and it now requires a full staff of wonderful people to operate.