Half Moon Bar Lodge


Mailing Address
7490 Rogue River Trail Agness
OR 97406






located 52 miles upriver from the Oregon coast, set on the banks of the Rogue River

Let’s talk about expectations. We are far away from delivery trucks, the electrical grid, and cell towers. All of our supplies come by boat once a week. Our power is generated on site, our laundry is here, our kitchen is here. But that does not mean we are primitive! We have 24/7 electricity, and unlimited hot water.

Meals are served family-style and the portions are generous. The menu is hearty with perfectly cooked protein and generous amounts of vegetables. Soft beverages are always free and we have a nice selection of cocktails and wine available for purchase. If you need an extra kick in the morning, we have cappuccinos and lattes available for purchase in our coffee shop.

All accommodations have new mattresses wrapped in soft, clean and stylish bedding. Towels and pillows are fluffy and beautiful and perfect (if you are into that!). We have really nice toiletries because we want you to smell good (sorry lumberjacks and kids).

We have a beautiful fire pit outside for chilly evenings and a big fireplace inside. The stars are absolutely unforgettable from our runway. Bring your own binoculars and a laser pointer!


We purchased the lodge in early 2019. The property hadn’t been occupied for over a decade, so we’ve been busy cleaning the lodge and surrounding environment, renovating the rooms and common areas, rebuilding the water systems and kitchen, converting to solar power, and meeting our neighbors on the river. It is an honor to be tasked with the stewardship of this incredible property.

We own and manage Half Moon Bar Lodge with humility and a great respect for the land and those who have come before us. It is an honor to be part of the history of the land and community. Our mission is to give every guest an experience they will remember for a lifetime.

Mike, Owner and On-Site Manager

Mike is an owner and the vision behind Half Moon’s restoration, after it sat empty for a decade. Over the last three years he has designed, built and curated an immersive wilderness experience for our guests. He made the majority of our furniture from salvaged trees, selected period-correct fixtures and used sustainable and innovative materials in the construction. His handmade natural edge furniture is showcased in every space of the lodge. Mike can be found driving our jet boat, fixing something or telling river stories to anyone that will listen.