Lucas Lodge

Lucas Lodge


Mailing Address
3904 Cougar Ln
Agness, Oregon 97406





Lucas Lodge was completed in about 1912.  

The location was a natural stopping place for people on their way from the coast to the railroad and metropolitan areas of that time. It was a day’s travel by boat from Gold Beach and a another long day’s travel on to the railroad. Prospectors, trappers and fishermen stayed at Lucas Lodge and made Agness headquarters for mail and provisions.  The mail is still delivered by boat from May through October.

Marcellus Lucas had became ill, and passed away in 1911 at the age of forty.  Sadie took on the tremendous challenge of building Lucas Lodge to support herself and six children.

Sadie’s son, Larry continued to expand the lodge operations during the fifties and sixties with guests brought up by jet boats.

The flood of 1964 was devastating for Agness, taking out the Illinois River bridge and damaging ranch banks and cabins.

For seven generations now,  the tradition of good old-fashioned hospitality continues at Lucas Lodge.

Many have come as guests and have left as friends only to return another day.