Camp Chair

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Roll-a-Chair is made in the USA and all materials are chosen to complement its unique design. The legs are made of special high strength marine alloy 5086-H38 from Scottsboro Alabama and work-hardened to a tensile strength of 50,000 PSI. Each leg is also reinforced with a hard-wood dowel at its center hinge. This combination of high strength aluminum and hard-wood dowels gives the legs the strength of steel at half the weight. Patent #59211621


  • The unique Roll-a-Chair weighs only 2.6lbs and folds into the smallest size of any full-size chair.
  • It carries effortlessly by its own built-in shoulder strap.
  • Specs for the Regular (19″ Height) Roll-a-Chair are:
    • Set-up size- 30″high x 19″ seat height x 14″ square seat (19″ diagonal),
    • Folded size- 26.5″ x 4″dia, weight 2.6 lbs,
    • Capacity 250 lbs
  • The regular-19″ seat height ideally fits standard height tables including the Roll-a-Table.
  • Minimum 3-day rental
  • $5.00/day
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