~ ~ the 2017 season is over ~ ~ 

Our Foster Bar Shuttles will start up in spring of 2018


Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures offers vehicle shuttle services for the Wild and Scenic Rogue River section. We will transport your vehicle from Grave Creek to Foster Bar or Agness. Please let us know if you will be putting in upstream of Grave Creek, or taking out downstream of Foster Bar and we will accommodate your vehicle shuttled for you.

We also provide transportation to and from the Medford Airport to Morrisons Lodge (or any other lodge in Grants Pass) for $100 each way.

Rogue River Shuttles to Foster Bar

If you have multiple cars to shuttle, there is a $10 discount per car for four or more cars.

Car Shuttles

To have your vehicle delivered to a take-out location, your car will be stored in a locked parking lot until delivery on the requested day.

Foster Bar/Agness (Bear Camp Road): $125.00

Foster Bar/Agness (Eden Valley Road): $175.00
(only during early season conditions when Bear Camp is closed)

Foster Bar/Agness (Coastal Route): $225.00
(only during early season conditions when Bear Camp and Eden Valley are closed)

Hiking Shuttles

Car Shuttles to Foster Bar: $125
(Includes car pick-up from Grave Creek and car drop off near the trailhead at Foster Bar.)

Raft Rental Equipment Shuttles

Wild Section Gear Drop-off to:

  • Alameda $40.00   (up to 3 rafts)
  • Grave Creek $45.00 (up to 3 rafts)

Raft Rental Pick-Up at Foster Bar: $270.00

  • Up to 3 Morrisons Rogue Wilderness Adventures rented boats plus gear and up to 13 people
  • $325 when Bear Camp is closed  (EDEN VALLEY ROUTE)
  • Early season snow conditions do affect shuttles in May and June. If the coastal route is required the price is $425 per van.